EE 459/611: Smart Grid Economics, Policy, and Engineering

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to electric power markets and the mathematical techniques to better use available energy resources. Topics include the description of thermal power plants and renewable energy sources. Formulation of the cost associated with generation will be presented. Optimization theory will be introduced with the aim of minimizing cost of supplying loads. Particular methods include economic dispatch, unit commitment, and optimal power flow.


  • Power systems economics

  • Optimization theory

  • Economic dispatch

  • Optimal power flow

  • Unit commitment

  • Other smart grid technologies

Lecture Slides

  • Topic 1: Introduction (slides)

  • Topic 2: Generation basics and cost, market economy (slides)

  • Topic 3: Math Review (slides)

  • Topic 4: Optimization theory (slides)

  • Topic 5: Linear programming and economic dispatch (slides)

  • Topic 6: DC optimal power flow (slides)

  • Topic 7: Unit commitment (slides)