EE 459/559: Control and Applications of Power Electronics

Course Description

This course will discuss state of the art topics in power electronics including advanced converter topologies, modeling and control of power converters in various applications: including utility, renewable energy integration, and microgrids. Another goal of this course is to prepare students for research activity, such as literature review, advanced computer simulation, and technical report writing.


  • DC/DC converter modeling

  • Control of power converters

  • DC/AC converters and control

  • Modular Multilevel Converters and

  • High Voltage DC Transmission (HVDC) and Multi Terminal HVDC

Lecture Slides

  • Topic 1: Introduction (slides)

  • Topic 2: State Space Modeling of Power Converters (slides)

  • Topic 3: (State Space) Control of Power Electronics (slides)

  • Topic 4: DCAC (ACDC) Converters Analysis, Control, and Applications (slides)

  • Topic 5: Modular Multilevel Converters and HVDC (slides)