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Rasmol and Chime are programs which can be used to show and rotate molecules in 3D. These pages will look best if you have Chime, which can be downloaded for free. If you do not have Chime, you can download the molecule files and view them with Rasmol, which can also be downloaded for free. If you have neither Chime nor Rasmol, these pages will probably be quite boring. Netscape is also required for Chime. Although the molecules will display with version 2.0, for the full functionality of the page, version 3.01 or higher is required.

Download Chime or Rasmol
How to use Chime



Molecular Geometry

Crystal Structures
Explanation of C++ Program used to create crystal structures.

Vibrating and rotating water molecule
Vibrating and rotating CO2 molecule, with IR.
Explanation of C++ Program used to create vibrating molecules.

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