AView revolutionizes the way we approach brain aneurysms. It is a decision support tool that utilizes patient-specific hemodynamics and geometry. Using an evolving global aneurysm database, AView allows for up-to-date, evidence-based guidance for management at the point-of-care.“ - L.N. Hopkins, MD, FACS

Advancements in image-based computational fluid dynamics simulations and morphological analysis have helped researchers to stratify aneurysm rupture risk.?The significance of hemodynamic and morphological factors in aneurysm evaluation has increasingly gained clinical awareness, as reflected by a recently updated guideline for intracranial aneurysm management by the American Heart/Stroke Association. It stated that, “In addition to the size and location of the aneurysm and the patient’s age and health status, it may be reasonable to consider morphological and hemodynamic characteristics of the aneurysm when discussing the risk of aneurysm rupture.”

Here at the Hemodynamics and Vascular Biology Lab in the TSVRC, we have developed AView in collaboration with Orobix Srl. AView is a software tool that can facilitate clinical analysis of morphological and hemodynamic characteristics of cerebral aneurysms in order to aid treatment planning.? As an image-based vascular analysis program, AView can rapidly evaluate aneurysm rupture risk using patient-specific hemodynamic and morphometric data.? It integrates detailed analyses of aneurysm morphology and hemodynamics into the clinical workflow and provides clinicians with unprecedented insights into the rupture disposition of the individual aneurysms that they are facing at the point of care.? The long-term vision of AView is to extend such analysis to every participating healthcare provider, in order to facilitate on-site decision-making, and begin to build a central aneurysm database.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jianping Xiang at jxiang2(at)buffalo.edu.


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