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SUNY Distinguished Professor
Dept. of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering ,
University at Buffalo

Director, Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory (SEESL) (2018-2020)   (SEESL)

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Former Director (2003-2008) and Deputy Director (1998-2003) of MCEER

  • B. Sc. Civil Engineering, Université Laval, Québec, 1983
  • M.S. Structural Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 1984
  • Ph.D. Structural Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 1987 (With specialization in Earthquake Resistant Design).
  • Practical experience gained working for the design offices of Morrison Hershfield Limited, North York, Ontario, and Buckland and Taylor Ltd, North Vancouver, B.C.
  • Regularly providing consulting services to the industry.

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Finding MCEER Legacy Web-Pages

As a former MCEER Director, I sometimes receive enquiries from individuals searching for material that used to be posted on the MCEER website. That rich and diverse content was used and referenced by many educators, researchers, and practitioners from various disciplines, who have expressed disappointment at the loss of these valuable resources. I have not been involved in the management of MCEER since 2008, and am therefore not involved in matters related to the current website content. However, I am pleased to report that most of the MCEER legacy web-pages can be found on the following website: “Internet Archive – WayBack Machine”.

This website takes snapshots of various websites throughout the years, and it is fortunate that a fair amount of MCEER's former website has been archived there, periodically since 1998. Click on a year to view a calendar of days when the site has been archived in that given year. Click on a specific highlighted day to bring up what the website looked like at that particular point in time (at least, most of it apparently).


NOTE: To Students Emailing their cv's

Most professors nowadays receive countless unsollicited emails from individuals who would like to participate in their research activities, either as interns, graduate students, post-doctoral students, or visiting professors. Feel free to forward such information, but note that, due to time constraints and the high volume of correspondence received, I am generally unable to acknowledge reception and/or reply to these letters (even if you email it to me three dozen times, which is aggravating). Given that admission to our graduate program is on a competitive basis, all applications being reviewed by a departmental committee, it is recommended that prospective graduate students follow the directives of the Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering (see ).