Former and Current Graduate Students

Former and Current Graduate Students

Former Graduate Students









I. Ph.D.




Wei, X.,

Buckling Restrained Braces Applications for Superstructure and Substructure Protection in Bridges

06/11 - 06/16

Michael Baker International

Shrestha L.,

Columns Demands in Seismic-Resistant Steel Structures

06/11 - 08/15

Consultant, Nepal

Imani, R.,

Post-Earthquake Fire Resistance of Ductile Concrete Filled Double-Skin Tube Columns

01/10 - 06/14

Thornton Tomasetti (San Francisco)

Dowden, D.

Resilient Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls

10/08 - 06/14

Michigan Technological University

Alzeni, Y.

Sandwich Composite Steel Plate Shear Walls

09/08 - 07/14

Alexandria University

Fouché, P.

Blast and Seismic Behavior of Concrete-Filled Double Skin Steel Tube and Modified Steel Jacketed Bridge Columns

05/07 - 05/14

Consultant, Haiti

Purba, R.H..

Seismic Performance of Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Various Design Approaches

06/08 - 02/14

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Cui, S.

Seismic Performance of Buildings with Base Isolated Floors

05/06 - 04/12

Worley Parsons

El-Bahey, S.

Development of Structural Fuse Concepts for Bridges

05/07 - 08/10

Stevenson & Associates

Qu, B.,

Seismic Behavior and Design of Boundary Frame Members in Steel Plate Shear Walls

05/05 - 06/08


Fujikura, S.

Multi-Hazard Resistant Highway Bridges Piers

05/05 - 07/08

Utsunomiya University

Pollino, M.,

Rocking Steel Framed Systems

01/04 - 08/07

Case Western Reserve University

Berman, J.,

Seismic Retrofit of Large Bridges Braced Bent

10/02 - 03/06

University of Washington, Seattle

Vargas, R.

Enhancing Resilience using Passive Energy Dissipation Systems

05/02 - 02/06 

Technological University of Panama

Vian, D.

Passive Energy Dissipation using Metallic In-fills

06/00 - 11/05

PB (New York)

Lee, K.

Seismic Evaluation of Large Bridges Braced Bent

01/99 - 08/03

Chungnam National University

Sarraf, M.H.K.M.

Seismic Evaluation of Large Steel Truss Bridges

01/94 - 1/02 

Parsons (Irvine)

Paquette, J.

Pseudo-dynamic Testing of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings having Flexible Wood Diaphragms

09/95 - 1/02 

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Zahrai, S.M.

Seismic Retrofit of Slab-on-Girder Steel Bridges using Ductile Diaphragms

09/92 - 12/97

Tehran University

Dicleli, M.

Effect of Extreme Gravity and Seismic Loads on Short to Medium Span Slab-on-Girder Steel Bridges

09/90 - 08/93

Middle East Technical University

Taghdi, M.

(co-supervised w/ M. Saatcioglu

Seismic Resistance of Steel-plate Reinforced Shear Walls

09/90 - 02/98


II. M.A.Sc.





Qureshi, R.K.,

Effect of Seismic Duration on Steel Plate Shear Walls, Sept 2007 - now


Continued to Ph.D.

Keller, D.

Multi-Hazard Resistant Bridge Pier Concept

09/07 - 05/08

Weidlinger (Washington, D.C.)

Purba, R.H.

Design of Perforated Steel Plate Shear Walls

08/05 - 08/06

University of Bandar Lampung

Pollino, Michael

Controlled Rocking of Deck Truss Piers Towers

09/01 - 01/04

Continued to Ph.D.

Berman, Jeffrey

Thin Steel Infill Walls as Passive Energy Dissipators for the Seismic Retrofit of Hospitals

09/00 - 10/02

Continued to Ph.D.

Bhagwagar, T.

Seismic Evaluation of Advanced Materials for Seismic Retrofit of Critical Buildings

03/99 - 03/00

AREVA (Lynchburg, VA)

Vian, D.

Shake-Table Testing to Instability Collapse of Steel Frames

12/98 - 05/00

Continued to Ph.D.

Chessman, K.

Seismic Behavior of Buildings having Riveted Stiffened Seat Angle Beam-to-Column Steel Connections

01/97 - 01/01

M & G Steel (Toronto)

Marson, J.

Competitive Steel Highway Bridge Pier Concept

09/96 - 1/00


Burke, S.

Ductility of corroded steel

01/96 - 04/01

La Farge NA (British Columbia)

Bisson, M.

Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Encased Riveted Stiffened Seat Angle Beam-to-Column Steel Connections

01/94 - 09/97

Harmer Podolak Engineering

Sarraf, M.H.K.M.

Seismic Behavior of Riveted Stiffened Seat Angle Beam-to-Column Steel Connections taken from an 83-Year Old Building

09/91 - 12/93

Continued to Ph.D.

Wang, N.

Normalized Energy-Based Methods to Predict the Seismic Energy Ductile Response of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Structures

01/91 - 01/93


Boussabah, L.

Impact of Engineering Modeling Assumptions on Assessing the Seismic Performance of Montgomery Block Building

01/91 - 01/93

Consultant (Ottawa)





III. M.S./M.Eng.





Fu, Y.,

Orientation of Diagonal Tension in Steel Plate Shear Walls


Continued to Ph.D.

Wang, F.,

Orientation of Diagonal Tension in Steel Plate Shear Walls having Different Aspect Ratios


Continued to Ph.D.

Ngeljaratan, L.

BRB Service Life in Bridge Application

04/13 - 06/14

Continued to Ph.D.

Zhang, S.

Seismic Performance of Bi-Directional Ductile Diaphragms

04/13 - 05/14


Krishnappa, N.

Simulation of Blast Load Effects on Wide Flange Sections

06/11 - 07/12

Atkins Global

Hassan, M.

Demands on Composite Pile Shafts

04/13 - 01/14

Thornton Tomassetti, NYC

Powell, Jason

Seismic Design of Bridges with Steel Substructures using NCHRP 12-49 Proposed Specifications

01/00 - 06/00


Liu, J.

Aspects of Seismic Resistance of Steel Buildings

05/90 - 09/96


Taddei, P.

Implementation of Refined Physical Hysteretic Brace Element

09/93 - 09/95



IV. Post-Doctoral Researchers:

Gian-Paolo Cimellaro

Integrated Structural and Organizational Resilience

03/08 - 12/08

Polytechnic University of Turin

Warn, G.

Blast Resistance of Seismically-Designed Steel Plate Shear Walls

09/06 - 07/07

Penn State

Berman, J.

Cyclic Testing of a 3-Story Buckling Restrained Braced Frame with Novel Gusset Connection

03/06 - 06/06

University of Washington (Seattle)

Lopez-Garcia, D.

Multihazard-Resistant Bridge Wall Pier Concept

 09/04 - 06/05

 Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile





Current Graduate Students







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I. Post-Doctoral




Polat, E.,

Design of Composite Walls



II. Ph.D.




Kenarangi, H.,

Design of Composite Pile Shafts







III. M.A.Sc.




None at this time




** As far as known based on information and hyperlinks provided by former students.