BE 305 Biomaterials and mechanics (Fall)

This course discusses the fundamental material science and biology associated with material for application in physiological and pathological environment. Introduces to various classes of material which includes metal, ceramics and polymer with an understanding of material, bulk and surface properties, and various biological responses to the materials. Different characterization techniques and applications are discussed with respect to structure-function relationship. Special emphasis is placed on mechanical properties and understanding the response of biomaterial in a mechanical environment.

BE 302 Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (Spring)

This course exposes to biomedical engineering lab techniques and analysis procedures. The lab provides hands-on experience with cell culture technology with emphasis on the principles and practices of initiation, cultivation, maintenance, preservation of cell lines and applications. Biochemical and biophysical characteristics of cells in culture. Analysis of cell viability, growth and proliferation. Basic training in microscopy, spectrophotometry, and immunological methods.