Contact Info:
316 Bonner Hall
(North Campus)
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Buffalo, NY 14260

The focus of Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapeutics Laboratory is to develop novel biomaterials and stem cell based therapeutics for tissue engineering, drug delivery and cell therapy. We work at the interface of engineering, life sciences and medicine and are focused in fundamental and applied studies.

Our interest is to develop therapeutics by combining molecular, cellular and tissue engineering approaches. We aim to mimic and engineer tissue microenvironment of physiological and pathological conditions by understanding the interactions and signaling events between cells and extracellular environment. The research environment in the group is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative where we thrive to answer critical questions with a balanced emphasis on both the engineering and medical aspects.



  • Welcome to Jing, Shruti and Somaang for joining our lab.
  • William and Yuan receive Senior Scholarships of Engineering and Applied Science School.
  • Congratulations to William, he has been accepted to medical school starting in August 2014.


  • Welcome to Ayesha and William for joining our lab.
  • Congratulation to Sandeep for receiving M.S. from UB in spring 2013.
  • Congratulations to Sandeep for winning UB Sigma-Xi Graduate Poster competition on university graduate research day.
  • Yuan and Calvin got one poster accepted by BMES annual meeting in Seattle for their research on “Endothelial Cell Function on Polyurethane Matrix for Tissue Vascularization”.
  • Yuan got one poster accepted by BMES annual meeting in Seattle for her work on “Modeling of Drug Release from Polyurethane Matrix”.


  • Congratulation to Michael and Wade for receiving B.S. from UB in spring 2012.
  • Welcome to Calvin for joining our lab.
  • Congratulations to Michael, who presented abstract at BMES in Atlanta for his research on “Cell–material interactions on biphasic polyurethane matrix”.
  • Congratulations, we got one paper accepted by Journal of Biomedical Materials Research.


  • Welcome to Michael, Wade and Yuan for joining our lab.
  • Congratulations to Michael, who co-authored an abstract presented at Biomaterials Day in Syracuse, NY.
  • Welcome to Sandeep for joining the group
  • Congratulations to Pat for acceptance of his abstract for Biomaterials Conference at Syracuse University.
  • Dr. Sarkar’s article about engineering cellular response for targeted cell delivery is published in Blood.
  • Welcome to Yuan for joining the group


  • Welcome to Wade, Mike and Ryan for joining the group.
  • Laboratory of Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapeutics starts the journey.