Fabrication Facilities

The 5000 sq ft. cleanroom facility in the newly built Davis Hall is equipped with advanced tools for fabricating nanodevices. It is a shared user facility managed by the UB Science and Engineering Equipment and Instrumentation Portal (EQUIP). Following is the list of tools in the facility, more details can be found at this link.

  1. Karl Suss and Oriel Contact aligners
  2. GCA 6300 g-line stepper
  3. JEOL JSM6500F Scanning Electron Microscope/Nabity NPGS E-Beam Writing System (EBL)
  4. Cambridge Nanotech Savannaha ALD
  5. TRION Oracle dual chamber load locked ICP-RIE with 8 gas lines
  6. Samco (F chemistry), and Torr internaional (Cl chemistry) RIE
  7. Trion-Orion PECVD system
  8. Physical vapor depostion ( E-beam and thermal evaporator, DC and RF sputter)
  9. Metrology ( KLA Tencor Profilometer, Gaertner Ellipsometer)

Materials Characterization

The UB shared facilities also maintains the materials characterization laboratories that is available to all the UB faculty through a user fees.

  1. Zeiss Auriga XBeam focused ion beam (FIB)/field-emission SEM system with TEM liftout, and Oxford EDS system
  2. JEOL JEM 2010 high resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) with a point resolution of 0.19 nm
  3. Bruker AFM
  4. Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement system (PPMS)
  5. Raman Specroscopy

Electrical Characterization

A number of electrical characterization tools are available in the PI's lab and EE shared facility.

  1. Agilent 4155B-41501B for DC and pulsed I-V measurements
  2. Anritsu 37397C parametric network analyzer (PNA) for s-parameter measurement from 100 MHz to 65 GHz
  3. Agilent 4294A precision impedance analyzer with a frequency range of 40 Hz to 110 MHz
  4. J-micro Technology JR2745 microwave probe station
  5. MMR H-50 Hall Measurement system

High-frequency device characterization lab at UB

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