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Nighthawk - a subsurface biogeochemistry simulator
    Nighthawk simulates the fate and transport of biogeochemically reactive contaminants in the saturated subsurface. Nighthawk utilizes a fully-kinetic operator-splitting technique to solve the one-dimensional advective-dispersive-reactive (ADR) equation.

    Supported biogeochemical processes include:
    • Monod-type biodegradation kinetics
    • General zero- and first-order kinetics
    • Aqueous-phase equilibrium speciation
    • Mineral-phase equilibirum speciation (precipitation/dissolution of minerals)
    • Competitive ion exchange
    • Surface Complexation
    • Linear and non-linear isotherms, representing equilibrium or non-equilibrium sorption.

    Supported boundary conditions include:
    • Dirichlet (constant concentration)
    • Neumann (constant dispersive flux)
    • Danckwerts (flux transition)

    Nighthawk executables for Linux (32- and 64-bit) and Windows, and example input files are provided in the self-extracting executable below, along with the manual.