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IsoFit - a tool for fitting isotherms to data
    IsoFit is a program that estimates isotherm parameters by minimizing the weighted sum of squared error between laboratory measured data and corresponding isotherm computed values. IsoFit version 1.2 supports the following isotherms:

    • BET (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller)
    • Freundlich
    • Freundlich with Linear Partitioning
    • Generalized Langmuir-Freundlich
    • Langmuir
    • Langmuir with Linear Partioning
    • Linear
    • Polanyi
    • Polanyi with Linear Partitioning

    Supported data weighting schemes include:

    • Uniform (all data assigned equal weight)
    • Individual (unique weights for each data point)
    • Sorbed-Relative (proportional to inverse sorbed conc.)
    • Aqueous-Relative (proportional to inverse aqueous conc.)

    IsoFit executables for Linux and Windows, and an example input file are provided in the zip file below, along with the manual.