PCUE Service: Engaging the community at the Global Energy Institute at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and the Global Energy Institute:

Development of a Clean Clean Smart Energy City
3E Energy Diversification Initiative3E_Energy_Diversification_Initiative.html
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Learn More...3E_Energy_Diversification_Initiative.html

PCUE Research: Supporting cutting edge sustained energy research




Success Stories
 Established the PCUE to over $ 7M/year in competitive funding.

 Establishing collaboration with the independent Global Energy Institute to build new model communities.

   Numerous multidisciplinary collaborations.

 Leveraging the current PCUE Power and Energy Applied Research Laboratory (PEARL)  ($2M+ invested).

 The PCUE system wide approach with the Global Energy Institute promotes the creation of novel local community oriented programs and facilities.

 Supporting a highly respected peer reviewed International Journal of Power and Energy Systems with a distinguished 50 plus member editorial board.  World wide distribution.

  Collaborative management of projects and proposals – both long and short term.

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