03/15/2019        Prof. Liu's co-authored paper titled "Terahertz Driven Amplification of Coherent Optical Phonons in

                          GaAs Coupled to a Metasurface" was published on Physical Review Letters.


02/11/2019        Prof. Liu received the NSF CAREER Award for developing new types of mid-IR and THz light sources.


06/26/2018        Prof. Liu's co-authored paper titled "Magnetoplasmonic Enhancement of Faraday Rotation in

                          Patterned Graphene Metasurfaces" was published on Physical Review B.


06/25/2018        Prof. Liu's paper titled "Quenching of Infrared-Active Optical Phonons in Nanolayers of Crystalline

                          Materials by Graphene Surface Plasmons" was published on ACS Photonics.


05/16/2018        Licheng Xiao's work on graphene anti-dot array plasmonic metasurface was presented at the CLEO

                          2018 conference in San Jose, CA.


09/18/2017        Prof. Liu's co-authored paper titled "Nonlinear Terahertz Metamaterials with Active Electrical Control"

                          was published on Applied Physics Letters.


08/28/2017        Welcome Geng Li and Xianglong (Kevin) Miao and Licheng Xiao for joining the MT. POET Lab!


08/17/2017        Prof. Liu received an NSF EAGER grant for developing optical phonon based THz light sources.


07/18/2017        Prof. Liu gave a talk titled "Anomalous Insulator-to-Metal Phase Transition of VO2 Nanostructures

                          Embedded in Terahertz Antennae Resonant with VO2 Optical Phonons" at the EDISON20 conference,

                          Buffalo, NY.


07/01/2017        Prof. Liu gave a talk titled "Graphene: a Versatile Material for Mid-infrared and Terahertz Photonic and

                          Optoelectronic Applications" at the EITC 2017 conference at University of Michigan.


05/18/2017        Prof. Liu gave a talk titled "Graphene-induced Strong Quenching of Optical Phonons in III-V

                          Semiconductor Heterostructures" at the CLEO 2017 conference, San Jose.


03/29/2017        Our Bruker Vertex 70v FTIR was set up and ready for exciting measurements!


03/24/2017        Two new optical tables were set up in MT. POET Lab.

                          We also received our Bruker Vertex 70v FTIR on the same day : )


03/07/2017        Prof. Liu's co-authored paper titled "Electrically Controlled Terahertz Magneto-optical Phenomena in

                          Continuous and Patterned Graphene" was published on Nature Communications.


01/23/2017        Prof. Peter Qiang Liu joined UB EE and started establishing the MT. POET Lab.