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Prof. Peter Qiang Liu

Jan. 2017 - present       Assistant Professor at UB EE

Jan. 2021 - present       Associate Editor for IEEE Photonics Journal

Aug. 2022 - present       Guest Editor for JoVE

Sep. 2022 - present       Guest Editor for Nanomaterials


Sep. 2015 - Jan. 2017    Postdoc at Sandia National Labs

Oct. 2012 - Sep. 2015    Postdoc at ETH Zurich


Ph.D.    2012      Princeton University

M.A.     2009      Princeton University

B.E.      2007      Tsinghua University


Office: 230J Davis Hall, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260

Office Phone: +1 716-645-1037



Short Biography:

Dr. Peter Qiang Liu joined University at Buffalo as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering in January 2017. Prior to his appointment at UB, he held a postdoctoral researcher appointment at Sandia National Laboratories, working on metamaterials-enhanced light-matter interactions in semiconductors and strongly correlated electron materials. Before that, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute for Quantum Electronics and the Department of Physics at ETH Zurich (October 2012 to September 2015). His work at ETH Zurich focused on developing graphene-based tunable THz and MIR plasmonic and metamaterial structures for various device applications.

Dr. Liu obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in September 2012. His PhD work focused on developing high-performance Quantum Cascade lasers employing novel quantum and laser cavity designs. He received his B.E. in Electronic Engineering with highest honor from Tsinghua University, Beijing, in 2007.


Selected Honors and Awards:

NSF CAREER Award                                                                                              February 2019

Best Poster Award at International School of Photonics 2013 (Cortona, Italy)       May 2013

Harold W. Dodds Honorific Fellowship (Princeton University)                              2011 - 2012

Francis Robbins Upton Fellowship (Princeton University)                                     2007 - 2011

Newport Award of Excellence in Photonics                                                             May 2011

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (Princeton University)                               September 2009

MIRTHE Center Significant Research Contributions Award                                   August 2009

Tsinghua University Highest Honors for Graduate                                                  June 2007

Distinguished Graduate in the City of Beijing                                                         June 2007

Tsinghua University Outstanding Independent Research Thesis                             June 2007

Tsinghua University First-Class Scholarships                                                         2005 - 2007


Selected Publications:

X. Miao, T.S. Luk, P.Q. Liu, "Liquid-metal-based nanophotonic structures for high-performance SEIRA sensing", Advanced Materials 34, 202107950 (2022).

P. Paul, P.Q. Liu, "Dynamically Reconfigurable Bipolar Optical Gradient Force Induced by Mid-Infrared Graphene Plasmonic Tweezers for Sorting Dispersive Nanoscale Objects", Advanced Optical Materials 10, 2101744 (2021).

X. Miao, L. Yan, Y. Wu, P.Q. Liu, "High-Sensitivity Nanophotonic Sensors with Passive Trapping of Analyte Molecules in Hot-Spots", Light: Science and Applications 10, 5 (2021).

P.Q. Liu, P. Paul, "Graphene Nanoribbon Plasmonic Conveyor Belt Network for Optical Trapping and Transportation of Nanoparticles", ACS Photonics 7, 3456-3466 (2020).

G. Li, V. Semenenko, V. Perebeinos, P.Q. Liu, "Multilayer Graphene Terahertz Plasmonic Structures for Enhanced Frequency Tuning Range", ACS Photonics 6, 3180-3185 (2019).

X. Miao, G. Li, L. Xiao, P.Q. Liu, "Graphene Anti-Dot Terahertz Plasmonic Metasurfaces Employing Self-Aligned Metal Cores for Sensing Applications", ACS Applied Nano Materials 2, 6798-6803 (2019).

J.-M. Poumirol, P.Q. Liu, T.M. Slipchenko, A.Y. Nikitin, L. Martin-Moreno, J. Faist, A.B. Kuzmenko, "Electrically controlled terahertz magneto-optical phenomena in continuous and patterned graphene", Nature Communications 8, 14626 (2017).

P.Q. Liu, I.J. Luxmoore, S.A. Mikhailov, N.A. Savostianova, F. Valmorra, J. Faist, G.R. Nash, "Highly tunable metamaterials employing split-ring resonators strongly coupled to graphene surface plasmons", Nature Communications 6, 8969 (2015).

P.Q. Liu, F. Valmorra, C. Maissen, J. Faist, "Electrically tunable graphene anti-dot array terahertz plasmonic crystals exhibiting multi-band resonances", Optica 2, 135-140 (2015).

P.Q. Liu, X. Wang, C.F. Gmachl, "Single-mode quantum cascade lasers employing asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer type cavities", Applied Physics Letters 101, 161115 (2012).

P.Q. Liu, K. Sladek, X. Wang, J.-Y. Fan, C.F. Gmachl, "Single-mode quantum cascade lasers employing a candy-cane shaped monolithic coupled cavity", Applied Physics Letters 99, 241112 (2011).

P.Q. Liu, X. Wang, J.-Y. Fan, C.F. Gmachl, "Single-mode quantum cascade lasers based on a folded Fabry-Perot cavity", Applied Physics Letters 98, 061110 (2011).

P.Q. Liu, A.J. Hoffman, M.D. Escarra, K.J. Franz, J.B. Khurgin, Y. Dikmelik, X. Wang, J.-Y. Fan, C.F. Gmachl, "Highly Power-efficient Quantum Cascade Lasers", Nature Photonics 4, 95 - 98 (2010).



Qiang Liu, Yu Yao, Anthony J. Hoffman, Matthew D. Escarra, Kale J. Franz, Jacob B. Khurgin, Yamac Dikmelik, William O. Charles, Jianxin Chen, Claire F. Gmachl, "Highly Power-Efficient and Broadband Quantum Cascade Lasers", United States, granted patent, patent No. US8644358 B2 (2010).

Qiang Liu, Kamil Sladek, Claire F. Gmachl, "Single-Mode Quantum Cascade Lasers Having Shaped Cavities", United States, granted patent, patent No. US9014230 B2 (2011).

Mei Chai Zheng, Qiang Liu, Claire F. Gmachl, "Single-mode Quantum Cascade Lasers with Enhanced Tuning Range", United States, granted patent, patent No. US9088126 B2 (2013).


For more information about my current research,

please visit my group website:

Last updated: September 2022