UB Distinguished Professor
Chair for Department of Industrial Engineering

Primary Research Areas
Human factors, industrial ergonomics, human error, quality control.

Biographical Statement
   Colin G. Drury is UB Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering at University at Buffalo , where his work is concentrated on the application of human factors techniques to manufacturing and maintenance processes. 
   Formerly Manager of Ergonomics at Pilkington Glass, he has over 300 publications on topics in industrial process control, quality control, aviation maintenance and safety. He was the founding Executive Director of The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, which works with regional industries to improve competitiveness and has been credited with creating and saving thousands of jobs in the region. 
    He is currently head of the Research Institute for Safety and Security in Transportation at University at Buffalo. Dr. Drury has received the 'FAA 2005 Excellence in Aviation Research Award' for his contributions in aviation maintenance and inspection research. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Ergonomics Society and the Human Factors Ergonomics Society, and received the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society's A. R. Lauer Safety Award, the Bartlett medal of the Ergonomics Society and the Fitts Award of the Human Factors Ergonomics  Society. He has a private pilot's license.

November 2005

Department of Industrial Engineering
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