Company Information

Company Name:
National Grid
144 Kensington Ave, Buffalo NY 14214
Company Background:
National Grid is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world delivering natural gas and electricity to New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the UK.

Primary contact for this program:

Leonard Fiume
Director Electric Ops
Email Address:
Phone Number:

Project lead (if different from primary):

Michael Lindhurst
Lead Supervisor, Substations Ops
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Phone Number:

Project Details

  1. Project Title: Training Substation
  2. Project Background
    Design and assist in the construction and testing of a training substation. The station will be build using a variety of circuit breaker types - oil, vacuum, air magnetic - and have working relay and control schemes for training and demonstration purposes.
  3. Project Objective
    Using surplus equipment to build a small 15 kV training station, develop single line diagrams, relay operating diagrams, three line, DC elementary diagrams to allow construction of the station showcasing both the common types of breakers - both outdoor and switchgear - and common relay and control schemes. Work with substation and relay testers to construct station at National Grid.
  4. Expected Deliverables
    The project team should plan on a project check-ins on a weekly basis with National Grid and set a reoccurring time they can meet. The meetings would be face to face at National Grid’s facility at 144 Kensington, at various substations so the project team can see actual equipment in service, at UB or via conference call.
  5. Tentative Timeline
    The project team should develop a project plan with specific milestones and timeline early in the Fall semester; and develop a single line diagram further developing the design. The relay operating diagrams, three line elementary, DC elementary and layou
  6. Disciplines
    Electrical Engineering