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UB Inc.
(716) 645-2630
Company Background:
UB Inc. is a student-based engineering technology and software development entity managed through the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Experiential Learning Programs. We connect the classroom to the real world by sourcing problems from industry and community. UB Inc. has two areas of focus: Consulting Services | Providing design and consulting services to industry and community organizations through Engineering Intramurals and Senior Design Projects. Product R&D | Encouraging students to pursue and develop entrepreneurial ideas through Tinkering and self-defined projects pursued through Engineering Intramurals and/or Senior Design.

Primary contact for this program:

Andrew Olewnik
SEAS Director of Experiential Learning Programs
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Phone Number:
(716) 645-2630

Project lead (if different from primary):

Henry Miller
Project Manager
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Project Details

  1. Project Title: Establishment of a pre-prosthetic rapid-manufacturing system for trans-radial amputations
  2. Project Background
    The purpose of the pre-prosthetic initiative is to develop the infrastructure required to rapidly supply custom-built prosthetic limbs to recent amputees. Thus far, several general prosthetic limb designs were generated, and two amputees at ECMC have had prosthetics designed specifically for their cases. One of the two, Mark, has received the prototype of his prosthetic arm, but fine-tuning and troubleshooting has not yet occurred.
  3. Project Objective
    The objective of this project will be to refine the design of Mark's prosthetic arm and parameterize it such that any person with the same amputation type could be supplied with the same model based on their measurements. The secondary goal of this project is to establish the process by which recent amputees will have an arm rapidly supplied to them (ideally within 5 days).
  4. Expected Deliverables
    1) A refined final model for Mark and client testing data. 2) A parameterized model for Mark's prosthetic which can be assembled from client measurements. 3) A manufacturing process for supplying recent amputees with a custom-built arm (Mark's model) within 5 days.
  5. Tentative Timeline
    Ten-weeks: 3-4 weeks refining Mark's model 1-2 weeks parameterizing the model 3-4 weeks establishing and testing the production process
  6. Learning Outcomes
    1) Product development/design 2) Hands-on mechanical engineering 3) Customer requirements management 4) Supply chain engineering
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