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Quad Walking Robot for prof.Napp
Company Background:
Design/Assembly of a Quad Walking Robot for research.

Primary contact for this program:

Der Shen Tan
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Project Details

  1. Project Title: Redesign open source PCB to consolidate components
  2. Project Background
    This project have been in progress for a while now, we have been using an open source project( as the base design for robot gaiting with machine learning in mind. Our project have been evolving as we needed to mount more sensor, more micro-processors, more components on to the robot. I would like to now consolidate all the discrete electronic components into a single PCB(printed-circuit board), this board is going to be redesign by us and then send for fabrication to be use on the final prototype. This project need student that are good in their electronic and circuit analysis, and would probably be best if the student is proficient with Autodesk Eagle.
  3. Project Objective
    1) To design and build a small quad walking robot 2) Design/Fabricate a PCB 3) Work with other students to design and mount the components on a working robot prototype. 4) If we are in time for CSE 50th event we may even get to demo it.
  4. Expected Deliverables
    1) A redesigned PCB schematic and board using Eagle software 2) A working PCB after fabrication. 3) A working and moving quad walking robot
  5. Tentative Timeline
    2~3 weeks after recruitment.
  6. Learning Outcomes
    1) Designing PCB using Autodesk Eagle 2) Building a robot 3) Electronic and circuit analysis 4) Working with student from other disciplinary 5) Team work
  7. Disciplines
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