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Company Name:
Curbell Medical
20 Centre Drive, Orchard Park, NY, 14127
Company Background:
In hospital rooms around the world, patients are dealing with demands on their health, and staff members are dealing with demands on their time. Curbell Medical is at the center of it all, with product lines that have set the standard for hospital room integration. For more than 50 years, we have made sure that patients can expect the best possible experience. And our salespeople make sure that our customers can expect the same, bringing decades of experience to partnerships that are built for the long haul. Whether it’s a visionary product or a tried-and-true relationship, there’s integrity in everything we build.

Primary contact for this program:

Aaron Preston
Software Engineer
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(716) 667-3377 ext. 7492

Project lead (if different from primary):

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Project Details

  1. Project Title: Health Monitor Dashboard and Peripherals
  2. Project Background
    At Curbell Medical we have been developing our newest product over the past two years. We're working on an interactive system in a tablet form that runs Android applications. As Curbell wraps up the development of this product, we would like to start demonstrating possible use cases in hospitals. One possible use case that we have came up with is continuous health monitoring. In hospitals today, nurses' aids travel from room to room and take patient's vitals. So we thought that we could connect Bluetooth devices to the tablet and continuously monitor a patient's vital signs so that the nurses' aids don't have to interrupt patients in the middle of the night to record their vitals. The tablet would dump the information to the nurses' station into their records without having to manually walk into each patient's room. This would also be nice from a patient's perspective to view their own information on the tablet. However, one of the challenges of the project is that the peripheral Bluetooth sensors will be running on battery in order to minimize wires. So battery life may be a concern. If the Arduino reads the sensors several times a second, it may drain the battery within a couple of hours. So it would be ideal to do some research either through calculating expected battery life by taking the capacity of a standard 9 volt battery and determining the how much the Arduino will consume or trial and error to determine how long batteries will typically last. So, Curbell is providing Android tablets along with Arduinos, temperature sensors, pulse sensors, as well as Bluetooth modules in order to create a fully integrated project.
  3. Project Objective
    The primary goal is to produce an application that displays a dashboard of a patient's health status which reads data in real time from various Bluetooth sensors through an Arduino. Documentation on expected battery life is required. Dumping the information to a server would be a bonus, and is not required.
  4. Expected Deliverables
    All source code and documentation of the project should be hosted through through GitHub. The project should contain a schematic of how the Arduino is wired to the Bluetooth module and sensors, documentation of communication protocol and flow charts, and expected battery life charts/graphs. The GitHub page should also include screenshots of the Android application.
  5. Tentative Timeline
    Set up any Git repositories, documentation repositories, and team communication at week 1. Requirements document at 2 weeks. Wire frames of the application at 3 weeks. Communication protocol document and flow chart for data transfer between the Arduino
  6. Learning Outcomes
    The students should become familiar with using Git for source control. They should practice good documentation as well as good team communication.
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