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UB Inc.
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See below.

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Andrew Olewnik
Dir of Experiential Learning
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Project Details

  1. Project Title: Design of Iconic Structures Play Equipment
  2. Project Background
    Look around any community and you will find plenty of play equipment (e.g. backyard swingsets, school playgrounds, splashpads). These structures are expected to provide a fun experience at a reasonable cost while withstanding harsh use and environments over a number of years. Play equipment is a commercial product where creative design and engineering come together and is recognized as an important aspect of physical and educational development in children. This project looks to exptend the educational aspect by developing play equipment products based on iconic structures from around the world (e.g. Golden Gate Bridge). The challenge will be to engineer a product that looks like the iconic structure while still being commercially viable and functional.
  3. Project Objective
    Students will work to identfy an interesting iconic structure and design a play equipment product based on that structure.
  4. Expected Deliverables
    Students are expected to develop full design documents inclusive of: Problem definition, Customer requirements, Engineering requirements, Conceptual design, Engineering analysis, CAD models, BOM, Cost analysis
  5. Tentative Timeline
    The initial phase of this project will take place over the Summer for ~10 weeks. To deliver all objectives, the project wll likely be phased over multiple semesters and students may leave/be added along the way.
  6. Learning Outcomes
    Design | Structural analysis | Production | Regulatory standards | Teamwork | Technical communication
  7. Disciplines
  8. Special Instructions/Requests