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The Sustainable Manufacturing and Robotic Technologies Community of Excellence -

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Andrew Olewnik
Dir of Experiential Learning
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Project Details

  1. Project Title: Snowbot
  2. Project Background
    As part of SMART Education Group initiatives this project is looking to spur interest in development of robotic technologies through focus on a specific robotic application. Given Buffalo's reputation for snow and the subsequent need for snow removal technology, this project is focused on exploring and developing a "Snowbot".
  3. Project Objective
    Toward jumpstarting this development and providing opportunity for students to learn about robotics technologies, automation and system design, this project is envisioned to have three phases broken across three semesters. This opportunity is focused on the Summer phase. Summer: Students will work with SMART faculty to define the problem (i.e. application scenario, user requirements, engineering requirements, etc.). Students will be given access to a robot kit (TBD) as a foundation for learning and testing related performance parameters/metrics. The kit will be a small-scaled educational platform to support development of full-scale design requirements. Students will also help in the development of a competition statement, as the SMART-EG would like to develop a specific robotics competition from this use case. Fall: Based on a well-defined problem and testing, students would work to develop solution concepts for a full-scale Snowbot (CAD models, analysis, BOM). Students would also apply for funding to deploy an alpha prototype of Snowbot. Scaled prototyping using the smaller kit is also expected. Winter/Spring: Students would implement and test the alpha prototype with a goal of testing in real conditions.
  4. Expected Deliverables
    As this opportunity is focused on the Summer phase, the following deliverables are expected: - Documented problem definition inclusive of application scenario, user requirements and engineering requirements (using appropriate systems engineering documentation) - Findings from robot kit use inclusive of documentation of experimental procedures - Training aids useful to other students in the future who want to utilze the robot kit - Competition statement for launch in the Fall semester
  5. Tentative Timeline
    June 1 - August 18
  6. Learning Outcomes
    Robotic technologies | Design | Systems engineering | Teamwork | Technical communication
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