The UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has developed a framework for experiential learning that spans all four years of undergraduate education. The framework includes Tinkering, Engineering Intramurals, Internships & Co-ops, and Senior Design. For a full description of these programs, visit the Experiential Learning Programs section of the SEAS website. 

A number of the experiential learning program elements have been designed to allow industry, community organizations, entrepreneurs and alumni to engage. Engagement from the broader community is vital to providing authentic and unique learning opportunities that enhance the educational experience.  

Experiential Learning Programs

Engineering Intramurals are extracurricular engineering projects that provide an authentic (i.e., "real-world") learning experience for students. To qualify as an intramural, the activity should allow students an opportunity to contribute to the development of a solution to an engineering problem. Students apply for intramural projects through the UB Career Services job board. These experiences are considered "resume builders" and are a direct response to industry feedback reflecting a desire to see relevant engineering experiences, outside the classroom, on student resumes.

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The SPIR Intern Development Program provides funds to place up to (2) students in a WNY company for up to 100 hours during the Spring semester. During this time, the student(s) complete two assignments to (i) become familiar with the organizational structure and business proposition, and (ii) collaboratively define projects, roles and responsibilities for the summer internship phase. This time also allows for additional training and development (e.g. software training or lab equipment protocols). Application deadline is September.

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Senior Design is a required course for seniors across many departments. It provides a capstone experience allowing students to tackle a "real-world" engineering design problem in some depth which is presented each May at the Senior Design Expo. Departments that work with industry and other external partners include: Biomedical Engineering (BME), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) and Mechanical Engineering (MAE). We also offer an interdisciplinary senior design experience, allowing students from two or more departments to work together. See the full program description for sponsor participation costs. Project description deadline is the first week of September.

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