These interactive guides provide a semester-by-semester outline of the courses within a curriculum in a "flowsheet" format. The flowsheets enable students and advisors to visualize the pre-, co-, and post-requisites associated with a course. This tool provides a means for students to understand how courses within a curriculum are linked and provides guidance regarding course scheduling.

We expect a new curriculum for the BA Computer Science program to become effective Fall 2016. We are awaiting final approval and will provide a flowsheet after we receive approval for the modified program.

Flowsheets for earlier Computer Science programs and ITU programs are available here.

The effective academic year (AY) refers to the academic year a student is admitted to the major. Academic years listed with a red font represent years in which a curriculum revision was implemented. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for detailed information regarding effective academic years.

Students can obtain the requirement term (map to effective academic year) associated with their major here.