UB Engineering Class of 2024
After-Graduation Survey
Dear 2024 Graduating UB Engineering and Applied Science Seniors

Your success is very important to us. I have made student success a key measurement that UB Engineering and Applied Sciences will use to judge its own success.

Please take a few minutes (we estimate 5 to 10 minutes) and complete this survey. Only your UBIT name is required. All of the other fields are optional but you are encouraged to complete them. Your UBIT name will let us correlate your degree type and your major department with your submitted data, thereby enabling us to generate a useful body of statistical analysis. Be assured that we will keep your responses strictly confidential.

Should your situation change after completing this survey (e.g., a new job offer or a new graduate school choice), we encourage you to return to this web site and to make another submission.

We urge you to maintain contact with us so that you may learn of networking opportunities and to keep abreast of school and departmental news and developments.

Thank you for your help in this important project and best wishes for a successful career.



Liesl Folks, Dean, UB Engineering

The information that you provide will help us to provide better opportunities and services
to you, your fellow students and prospective students.
Eligiblility Requirements
This survey is restricted to SEAS Engineering seniors whose graduation conferral date is in June, 2015.
If your UBIT Name is not accepted by this web application then
  1. Review SEAS 2015 Commencement Candidates to determine if your name is included on that page.
  2. Contact James Friedman at jf48@buffalo.edu to report an error of omission or any other error requiring correction.
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1. Your UBIT Username:
2. Do you plan to remain in Western NY after graduation?
Yes No Undetermined
3. Work or Graduate School?
Are you planning to seek/accept a job after graduating?
Yes No
If yes go to Section 4.
Are you planning on going directly to graduate school?
Yes No
If yes, go to Section 5.
If neither go to Section 6.
4. Planning to Work?
Do you currently have any job offers
for engineering- or
computer science-related positions?
Yes No
Have you accepted one?
Yes No
If yes, who is the employer?
If yes, at what approximate salary?
If yes, at what location will you be working   (nearest city and state, or country)
If you have been unable to secure a job offer and would you like assistance, please send an email with your resume attached to the Engineering Dean’s Student Employment group.
See page below for details.
5. Planning to Attend Graduate School?
Number of schools to which you have applied (0-4):
Where are you planning to go?
What degree will you be pursuing?
6. Other Plans
If you will not be assuming an engineering- or computer science-related job and you are not going to graduate school, then what are your plans?
7. Satisfaction Rating
Please rate your overall satisfaction with the education that
you received at the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Highly Unsatisfied 1234 5678 910 Highly Satisfied
Assistance in Securing a Job Offer
Email your request for assistance and your resume to