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My research activities focus on the complete lifecycle  treatment (design, modeling, analysis, control, implementation and  verification) of a new generation of smart, embedded mechanical and mechatronic systems

The recent explosion of communications capabilities, coupled with ongoing advances in computing effectiveness and revolutions in miniaturization of processors/ sensors/ actuators, has accelerated the pace of implementing truly distributed smart  embedded systems with a variety of emergent applications in plant-automation systems, consumer electronics, automobile and defense applications. 

My research focuses both on theoretical formulation and experimental validation in the realization of such novel mechanical and mechatronic systems with the goal of realizing tangible enhancements in functionality, performance and cost-effectiveness.

For more uptodate information including links to preprint PDFs, videos and presentations please visit the Automation Robotics and Mechatronics (ARM) Lab Website at:

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Research Interests

Lifecycle treatment (conception, design, modeling, analysis, control, implementation and verification) of articulated mechanical and mechatronic systems for enhanced manipulation tasks.