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Modified 2/2/2007

Current Graduate Students:

Hongwang Zhang, Ph.D. candidate, started September 2001, joined Swihart group in January 2004 after completing a Master’s degree with Paschalis Alexandridis.

Hongyi Dang, Ph.D. candidate, started September 2004.

Folarin Erogbogbo, Ph.D. candidate, started September 2004.

William Scharmach, Ph.D. Candidate, started September 2006.

Sha Liu, Ph.D. Candidate, started September 2006.

Wen-Shiue Young, Ph.D. candidate, started September 2006.

Co-advisor for William Kirkey, Electrical Engineering Ph.D. candidate advised by Alexander Cartwright.

Former Graduate Students:

Xuegeng Li, Ph.D. conferred February 2004.  Currently at Innovalight, Inc.

Suddha Talukdar, Ph.D. conferred February 2004. Curently at Intel.

Yuanqing He, Ph.D. conferred February 2006.  Currently a post-doc at U. of Minnesota

Ken-Tye Yong, Ph.D. conferred September 2006.  Currently a post-doc at UB.

Weili Shi, Ph.D. conferred February 2007.  Currently at Evident Technologies.

Zhen Liu, M.S. conferred September 2000.  Currently at Merck.

Vi Dat "Victor" Tu, M.S. conferred September 2001.  Currently in the U.S. Navy.

Carla Ng, M.S. conferred January 2003.  Currently a Ph.D. student at Northwestern.

Juan Carlos Alva Nieta, M.S. conferred June 2003.  Currently at Eaton ( Amsterdam ).

Kar-Chan Choong, M.S. conferred September 2003.  Currently at Merck.

Biju Mathew, M.Eng. conferred February 2005.

Chin Kok Ooi, M.Eng. conferred February 2005.

Rachel Peck, M.Eng. conferred June 2005.

Jeffrey Pierce, M.Eng. conferred June  2005.

Kok On Soh, M.Eng. conferred September 2005.

Group Photo (summer 2005):