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University at Buffalo
Ph.D. Candidate
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Website: www.eng.buffalo.edu/~llee3

Welcome !
You can call me 'Lee', or 'Leng-Feng'. This is the 3rd version of my Homepage design. Here you can find out more about my research work and my teaching activities.

You can also visit my re-designed YouTube channels (research activities): YouTube.

About Me:

I am currently a Ph.D. student in the UNIVERSITY at BUFFALO (UB), The State University of New York, majoring in Mechanical Enigineering.

After nearly a year (2005) working with SmartPill Corporation in downtown buffalo, I decided to come back to school for my Ph.D., I am currently working in ARMLAB, under the supervision of Dr. Krovi.

My research involves several inter-related areas:
- Motion Planning for Multi-robot Collective using Artificial Potential Field Method;
- Musculoskeletal Modeling and Analysis of Biped Locomotion, exoskeleton system;
- Musculoskeletal Analysis based Optimization of Rehabilitation Programs Refinement.
These topics will serve the foundation for my proposed dissertation topic:
"Haptic Cooperation in Tele-immersive Environments".

During my undergraduate studies, I was the Webmaster for Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department, where I was first introduced to Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for webdesign, which I used here.

I love teaching. From Spring '07, till Fall '09 (including Summer in '07 and '08, minus Fall '07), I was given the oppotunity to teach a junior level course in the department - Product Design in CAD Environment. I introduced new materials into the course, as well as re-designed the course content. You can find out more about this effort in 'Teaching' page.


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