A Modest League

Welcome to the official homepage of our new test league! This is the official testing site of the "Modest Proposal," an attempt by Yours Truly to "streamline" the game of Third Edition Blood Bowl.

Why The Proposal?

The Proposal is the result of a discussion on the Blood Bowl Mailing List: What changes would you make in a "Fourth Edition" of Blood Bowl?

What follows, then, is my answer. It was compiled after a couple of weeks of discussion on the list, and finally put down on the webpage here. In the first week of 1999, three friends and I moved to the playtesting phase. The Proposal was playtested, and it was generally found to be pretty good! After a while, I turned my thoughts to other things that would bring Blood Bowl more in line with the current Warhammer world - a near certainty in any possible re-release of Blood Bowl by Games Workshop. What you see here now is the result of that second discussion on the Blood Bowl mailing list back in August.

Here's a look at what's contained on these pages:

The Rules

The Rules Section deals (natch) with the rules we use in the league. Included are such niceties as the League Charter and the League Accessory, which are a number of agreements binding the various coaches in the league. The Garbage Rules, a fragment of the much bulkier G.A.G. that once dominated these pages, cover our own "house calls" on the finer aspects of the game.

The biggest part of the Rules Section, however, deals with the Proposal, which contains my best approximation of what would be "good for the game" in a Fourth Edition.

The Teams

The Teams Section covers some basic information regarding the teams currently involved in the playtesting. These teams are all either brand new teams or updated versions of the teams currently in existence in the Blood Bowl world. For the current season (Spike! 2000), I have assembled three coaches to playtest the teams in a lottery-league format, where no coach knows which team he will coach next...in fact, no one really knows which teams are playing next, honestly!

If you'd like to e-mail any of the coaches, feel free to do so from the links below:

As you will be able to tell by the constant profane player names, these guys all lack imagination to some degree. However, they're all decent Blood Bowl coaches - so into the mix they go!

The Teams Section also contains the current rules, rosters, match records, designer's notes, and history for each team - although the history sections are works in progress.

The Season

The Season Section gives you the latest on the current season. You can find the results of the latest games, up-to-date standings, and special sections on the most notorious players - both alive and dead!

Enjoy! And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at chz@acsu.buffalo.edu