University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems Lab

Cognitive and Cooperative Networking

  • Joint Routing and Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
  • Wireless Active Networking and Software-defined Networked System
  • Cross-layer Resource Allocation for Cognitive and Cooperative Ad hoc Networks
  • Cooperative Video Streaming
  • Queuing Games in Interference-limited Wireless Networks
  • Jamming and Anti-jamming Games in Infrastructure-less Wireless Networks
  • Interference Alignment in Multi-hop MIMO Networks
  • Design and Simulation of Next-generation HF Communication Systems
Support: Air Force Research Laboratory National Science Foundation Harris Corporation Intelligent Automation Andro Computational Solutions

Ultrasonic Intra-body Area Networks

  • Ultrasonic Channel Modeling and Capacity Analysis
  • PHY/MAC Layer Solutions for Ultrasonic Networking
  • Distributed Control Algorithms for Ultrasonic Networks
  • Development of a Multi-scale Simulator of Ultrasonic Networks
  • Development of a Software-defined Testbed for Ultrasonic Networking
Support: National Science Foundation

Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

  • Compressive Distortion Minimizing Rate Control (C-DMRC)
  • Audio Sensor Networks for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Testbed for Compressive Distortion-Minimizing Rate Control
  • Cross Layer Design for Video Streaming over Cooperative Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Support: Office of Naval Research National Science Foundation

Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Multimedia streaming in mobile cloud computing
  • Secure computation outsourcing
  • Distributed processing in the mobile cloud

Underwater Sensor Networks

  • The Internet Underwater
  • Underwater Analog Network Coding
  • Secure Underwater Acoustic Communications
  • Stochastic channel access with spatial and temporal interference uncertainty
  • Optimized Channel-dependent MAC protocol for Clustered UW-ASNs
  • Cross-layer Protocols on Underwater Networks with MIMO Links
Support: National Science Foundation

A Software-defined Community Underwater Testbed

  • UW Buffalo: An Underwater Acoustic Testbed at the University at Buffalo
Support: National Science Foundation