UB Engineering Freshmen Registration Information

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Congratulations on your decision to enroll in the University at Buffalo to pursue a major within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and your decision to attend UB this fall.

Starting college and preparing for a new and different academic experience can be a bit overwhelming. To make this easier for freshmen, an academic advisor will enroll you in first term classes. For each term thereafter, we give you the tools to register on your own. Between now and the beginning of the on-campus orientation conferences you can expect to be contacted by your advising unit. Each advising unit on campus selects their own outreach method for registering new students.

First year students majoring in School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) programs will be registered by either the SEAS Office of Undergraduate Education or the UB Honors College prior to orientation. Advisors from various units will work together to register students participating in other special programs or activities, such as intercollegiate athletics, ACE, EOP, Ackers, or the Undergraduate Academies.

After submitting your tuition deposit, the first thing a domestic student needs to do to start the enrollment process is to sign up for orientation. We can't register you into classes until you have signed up for orientation and submitted the required immunization information. If you haven't done both of these next steps, please see: http://orientation.buffalo.edu/index.php ASAP. Then our advisors can take care of Step 3: Register for Classes.

International first year students also need to sign up for orientation and submit the required immunization information before registration into courses can occur. Please see http://wings.buffalo.edu/intlservices/orientation.html and http://health.buffalo.edu/immunization.php respectively.

Once the required orientation and immunization paperwork is submitted, some of you may be tempted to try registering for classes on your own, however, you will likely find that the selection of available days and times will be limited or you might mistakenly register in the wrong courses. We have already reserved seats in all of the required courses you will need to take this fall and placed them into block schedules designed for each of you. Since this system of advance registration takes into account your high school background as represented in your transcript, SAT/ACT scores, and the data you submit on the orientation data form, this advisor-guided system is much better than going it alone. In addition, most engineering block schedules have approximately 10-20 students following the same exact course schedule, so even though your largest class this semester might be your chemistry class with almost 200 students in the lecture, you will know a handful of other students because they are also in your required engineering, math, and some UB Curriculum classes.

Therefore, please take the next steps in making it possible for us to register you (sign up for orientation and submit immunization forms) and then be patient in waiting for more information from us about your fall 2016 class schedule. For many of you being registered by the SEAS Office of Undergraduate Education, this process will be straightforward and we will simply mail your schedule packet by the early July. For some, we may email or call you first to clarify your major or your personal experience in certain subjects. Depending on your major, you may need to register for a UB Curriculum Pathway course. Either way, we will provide you with plenty of information to better understand your requirements, your class schedule, and any next steps you may need to take to finalize your registration. We will welcome follow-up phone calls and emails at that time.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to be sure you heard about UB’s Finish in 4 program. This is UB’s Commitment to Your Graduation. As indicated at http://advising.buffalo.edu/fif/, Finish in 4 begins with a pledge between you and the University. Students can take the pledge to Finish in Four on the orientation data form. We will discuss this further at orientation. Please review the video and other information available on the UB Finish in 4 website to learn more anout the program.

Congratulations once again on taking this next step in your college career! For a helpful checklist of other items you might want to follow-up on, please see: http://orientation.buffalo.edu/checklist.php