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About UB Robotics

UB Robotics is a undergraduate club of the State University of New York. We primarily receive our funding from the Student Association. We are dedicated to exploring new and interesting fields of robotics, as well as contributing meaningful changes back to the community at large.

How To Join

If you've stumbled across this page and are a current UB Undergrad you can join our team! To join simply navigate to our officer information page and send us a email saying your interested in joining. If email is not your thing you can also fill out our join form and someone will get back to you shortly.

Meeting Information

This information is still TBD for the coming school year.

Competitions We Compete In


The Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition is a autonomous robotic vehicle competition put on by AUVSI every year during the first week of June in Rochester, Michigan. This competition focuses on autonomous control software, robotic platform design (both mechanically and electrically), embedded systems as well as new and innovated approaches to problems. Our project is split up into three teams, Mechanical, Electrical and Software. AUVSI IGVC Website


The RescuBot is a new project we are starting with a goal of competing in the Rescue Robot competition put on by RoboCup. The objective of this platform is to serve as a reconnaissance type vehicle in the wake of a disaster. This platform has a more mechanical focus than IGVC has, however there is still a great deal of software complexities on the project. The platform needs to be able to navigate a maze type obstacle course and identify "victims" based on some common traits normally found in a disaster scenario. RoboCup Rescue Robot Website

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