Dehydration, Microbes, and Spoilage

Topic 2. Food Spoilage


1. What is food spoilage?

Food spoilage means the original nutritional value, texture, flavour of the food are damaged, the food become harmful to people and unsuitable to eat.


2. Causes of the spoilage of food

The picture of spoiled food

    Microbial spoilage

    There are three types of microorganisms that cause food spoilage -- yeasts, moulds and bacteria.

Fungal Spoilage
Storage rot in grapes caused by Botrytis cinerea.
Storage rot in strawberry caused by Botrytis cinerea.
Blue mould rot in tomato caused by Penicilliumi spp. (also by Fusarium spp.)
Black mummy rot of grapes caused by Guignardia bidwellii
Watery soft rot in apple caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum.
Blue mould on oranges caused by Penicillium digitatum.
Bacterial Spoilage
Soft rot in tomato caused by Erwinia carotovora.
Low Temperature Injury
Internal mahogany browning of potato caused by low temperature injury.
Chilling injury in cucumber caused by low temperature. Note the watery surface.



Topic 1. Microbes and Food Spoilage
Topic 2. Food Spoilage
Topic 3. Ecosystem, Food Chain and Food Web

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