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* The conference registration fee covers breakfast, coffee breaks, lunches, 1 reception and 1 banquet dinner,
and transportation to Niagara Falls.
In addition, it includes a 1-year subscription to the EDM Society.
** The registration fee for workshops and tutorials only includes breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch on July 15th.
Student Dorm-Room Option
Students may reserve a dorm room on the UB Campus for any of the nights from July 14 through July 17
Room rates are:
Private Room$37.00 per night
Shared Room$35.00 per night
All dorm reservations must be pre-paid and confirmed by June 25, 2018.
Select the nights for which you wish to reserve a dorm room.
Please note: There is a one-time charge of $19 for the use of sheets and towels.
Saturday, July 14
Private Room Shared Room
Sunday, July 15
Private Room Shared Room
Monday, July 16
Private Room Shared Room
Tuesday, July 17
Private Room Shared Room
Wednesday, July 18
Private Room Shared Room
Thursday, July 19
Private Room Shared Room
Friday, July 20
Private Room Shared Room
Saturday, July 21
Private Room Shared Room
If you have selected a shared room do you have a preference as to who shares the room with you ? Yes No
Please provide the name of the person with whom you prefer to share your room.