The average SAT score of incoming UB Engineering freshmen in 2007 was 20 points higher than in the previous year !!!

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Leading earthquake engineer will tell Congress “U.S. not prepared for effects of a major earthquake in a large urban area” Today, Andrew Whittaker, PhD, SE, director of MCEER at the University at Buffalo, will tell Congress that the United States is not prepared for effects of a major earthquake in a large urban area....... 7/29/14

"CanJam’ joint to fly on Virgin Galactic flight" Gyroscope-aided bikes and cars may one day rule the road. But before the technology reaches the ground, a UB research team will test similar equipment in outer space....... 7/28/14

Robots, 3-D printing, and how origami can make cars safer International design and advanced manufacturing conference next month offers a glimpse into what the future holds...... 7/24/14

Swihart named UB Distinguished Professor Mark Swihart, chemical and biological engineering, was appointed UB Distinguished Professor. Swihart, who joined the UB faculty in 1998, is a leader in the field of inorganic nanoparticle synthesis and processing....... 7/24/14

SEAS makes organizational changes The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has made several organizational changes for the upcoming academic year....... 7/24/14

UB TCIE announces fall schedule of business improvement classes Fall offerings from the University at Buffalo’s TCIE feature new business improvement classes for professionals working in any industry, as well as early bird pricing for two popular certification courses....... 7/11/14

“Nanojuice” could improve how doctors examine the gut UB researchers are developing a new imaging technique involving nanoparticles suspended in liquid. Described July 6 in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, the advancement could help doctors better identify, understand and treat gastrointestinal ailments....... 7/6/14

UB launches Department of Materials Design and Innovation to boost advanced manufacturing and biotechnology UB has launched the Department of Materials Design and Innovation (MDI), a forward-leaning, interdisciplinary initiative that will address regional and national demand for new materials that accelerate research and education in advanced manufacturing and biotechnology....... 6/30/14

Algae blooms act as bodyguards for bacteria in Great Lakes UB researchers find that green algae in the Great Lakes not only protect bacteria from destruction by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but feed the organisms as well....... 6/25/14

UB engineering students help GMCH Lockport ‘solve problems’ Pat Curtis has three words to describe a partnership that has immersed UB engineering students at General Motors Components Holdings (GMCH) Lockport for the past three summers: a huge success....... 6/23/14

Salamone awarded Achenbach Medal Salvatore Salamone, assistant professor of civil engineering, has been awarded the 2014 Achenbach Medal....... 6/19/14

Paper towels fold in study versus hand dryers UB researchers find high-speed hand dryers are six times cleaner and produce 42 percent less carbon dioxide than paper towel dispensers.The team, advised by environmental engineering faculty Jim Jensen and Berat Haznedaroglu, won second place in the 2014 New York State Pollution Prevention Institute’s R&D Student Competition....... 6/6/14

Electrical Engineering Team wins 2014 Software Defined Radio Academic US Contest Graduate students Georgios Sklivanitis and Emrecan Demirors, Department of Electrical Engineering, won Nutaq’s 2014 Software Defined Radio Academic US Contest....... 6/4/14